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Veedumin Mutravum - வீடுமின் முற்றவும் அவதாரிகை

In Uyarvara Uyarnalam Thiruvaimozhi, we saw how Sri Nammazhwar enjoyed the paratvam of Emperumaan. In this Thiruvaimozhi(Veedumin Mutravum), he stops his anubavam for a bit and starts giving advice to people like us to have bhakti on Emperuman and reach him - கீழ் திருவாய்மொழியில் தாம் அனுபவித்தார்; இத்திருவாய்மொழியால் பரோபதேசம் செய்கிறார்.

In the avatharikai of this Thiruvaimozhi, Sri Nampillai himself asks questions about why Aazhwar decides to advise people and answers them. Let us check out the questions and the answers given by Nampillai.

Q. Has Aazhwar found the limits of Emperuman and there is nothing left to enjoy in him?
A. It is not possible to find the limits of Emperuman as his limits are not known to even himself(தனக்கும் தன் தன்மை அறிவரியான்) and He is a Faultless uncontainable flood of joy(கொள்ள மாளா இன்பவெள்ளம்).

Q. Is Aazhwar's love and passion for Emperuman is small that it lasted for just a bit?
A. Aazhwar himself has stated that his Love and passion towards Emperuman is bigger than the Oceans and Worlds in many Pasurams like காதல் கடலின் மிகப் பெரிதால், மண்திணி ஞாலமும் ஏழ்கடலும் நீள்விசும்பும் கழியப் பெரிதால், சூழ்ந்ததனிற் பெரிய என் அவா.

Q. Has Aazhwar's passion for Enjoying Emperuman subsided after a time period?
A. It is not possible that his passion is reduced as Emperuman is a Insatiable Ambrosia(அபர்யாப்த அம்ருதம்) which Aazhwar would never get bored of - Every moment, every day, every month, every year, every age, age after age(எப்பொழுதும், நாள் திங்கள் ஆண்டு ஊழி ஊழிதோறும், அப்பொழுதைக்கு  அப்பொழுது என் ஆராவமுதம்). 

Q. Is Aazhwar advicing People just to assume the role of Acharya or does he expect Fame or substance or worships in return?
A. It is clear that he advices one and all here as he starts with (வீடுமின் முற்றவும்), he doesnt examine the qualities of listeners as prerequisites, so above question doesnt hold good.

Q. So, What are the pruposes of Aazhwar's Upadesam to others?
A. Nampillai answers this final question in a majestic way, He says that Aazhwar started the Updesam to others for the following Purposes.
  • As Sastram says, "ஏக: ஸ்வாது ந புஞ்ஜீத" which means a great things must not be enjoyed by single person but it should be shared and enjoyed with many.
  • As Sastram says,"போதயந்த: பரஸ்பரம்" which means whatever knowledge we have should be shared with others.
  • Best of all, A vaishnavan should feel sad, if another person is in trouble and try to get him out of that. It is only then he has the quality of Vaishnavatvam in him. So, Aazhwar when he saw the people involved in worldly affairs(which are nothing but troubles) feels sad for them and advices them to renounce all the worldly attachments and surrender to Emperuman. This Gunam is called பிறர் அநர்த்தம் கண்டு ஆற்றாமை. 
Valluvar also mentions about this noble Gunam -
அந்தணர் என்போர் அறவோர் மற்றெவ்வுயிர்க்கும்
செந்தண்மை பூண்டொழு கலான்(30)

Historically, let us check out who all had this noble Gunam. Sri Alagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar explains about this Gunam in Acharya Hrudayam & the persons who had this  
".............உயிருக்கும் அறிய என்று அடைவு கெட அதபஸ்கர்க்கு உபதேசிக்கிறது ஞாலத்தார் பந்தபுத்தியும், அநர்தம் கண்டு  ஆற்றாமையும், மிக்க கிருபையும் இறே."(203)

"தாய்க்கும் மகனுக்கும் தம்பிக்கும் இவர்க்கும் இவர் அடி பணிந்தவர்க்குமே இவை உள்ளது."(204)

தாய்க்கும்Thai(Mother)Sita Piratti who advised Ravananan to seek Rama's refuge. 
மகனுக்கும்Magan(Son)Prahladhan who advised HiranyaKasipu to seek Narayanan
தம்பிக்கும்Thambi(Brother)Vibeeshanan who advised Ravananan to leave Sita piratti and seek Rama's refuge.
இவர்க்கும்Ivar(Nammazhwar)Nammazhwar who advised to the people like us.
இவர் அடி
Sri RamanujarSri Ramanujar who leads us to Emperuman through his sammandham

We can realize the greatness of this elite group, when we think of their charitrams.

In the next post, we shall see the saram of this Thiruvaimozhi.

Madhusudhanan MA

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