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Vishaya Vailakshanyam - விஷய வைலக்ஷண்யம்

Till now, we have discussed about Vaktru & Prabhandha vailakshanyam. In this post lets try to realize the Visahya Vailakshanyam ie. greateness of the content of Thiruvaimozhi.

We know Dvayam is one of the most important Mantrams of Srivaishnavism, and our acharyas always used to spend their time by doing Dvayanusandhanam(reciting Dvayam) and they have also stated that, a Prappanan should always be doing Dvayanusandhanam. Remember the words told by Sri Namperumal to Sri Ramanujar (Dvayam ArthAnusandhAnena Saha:....SrIrangE SukamAsWA).

We know that Thiruvaimozhi consists of a thousand pasurams(1102) and are split into 10 Centums and 100 decads. In Irandam Sriyapathi, Sri Nampillai explains the greatness of the content of Thiruvaimozhi. Here, Sri Nampillai explains how each of the Centum explains & expands the meaning that is explained in the Dvaya Mantram by quoting several verses. If the entire content of Thiruvaimozhi is explaining and expanding Dyava Mantram then there need no further introspection of the greatness of the content.

Sri Nampillai explains that, the first 3 centums explains the concepts in uthara(2nd) vakyam of Dvaya mantram and the subsequent 3 centums explain the concepts in the Poorva(1st) vakyam of Dvaya Mantram. Eedu says "இதில் முதலீட்டு மூன்று பத்தாலே உத்தர வாக்யத்தை விவரிக்கிறார்; மேலீட்டு மூன்று பத்தாலே பூர்வ வாக்யத்தை விவரிக்கிறார்; ...........தாம் பெற்ற பேற்றை சொல்லி தலைக்கட்டுகிறார்".

Elsewhere, in Acharya Hrudayam Sri Alagiya Manavala perumal Nayanar says 
"த்வயார்த்தம் தீர்க்க சரணாகதி என்றது சாரசங்க்ரஹத்திலே "

Sarasangraham is a grantham by Sri PillaiLokacharyar, wherein swami splits the Dyava mantram into 10 parts(words) and says each of the centum of Thiruvaimozhi is expansion of each part. So, Sri Pillailokacharyar explains this differently.

Now, an obvious question would arise that Sri Nampillai says only first 6 centums are the expansion of Dvaya Mantram, that too in reverse order whereas Pillailokacharyar says each centum is an expansion of Dyvam(when split into 10 words). So who among them is right?

The answer for this is quite simple and convincing, when we look into Thiruvaimozhi, every centum, every decad, every pasuram, every line and every word is explaining only Dvaya Mantram and Thiruvaimozhi can be interpreted as Dvaya Vivaranam(expansion of Dvayam) from which ever angle we look at. So each and every acharyar is always right, which ever way they interpret Thiruvaimozhi as Dyava Vivaranam. Needless to say, reciting Thiruvaimozhi is equal to reciting Dvayam. So, a Prappannan should spend his time by reciting Thiruvaimozhi always as stated by our Acharyars.

Our Acharyars say this in an interesting way. Thiruvaimozhi is like a Vella katti(jagger cake), whose sweetness is uniform throughout the cake.  Likewise, every part of Thiruvaimozhi oozes with the nectar of dvayam and hence it is rightly called "the nectar for bhaktas" or bhaktamrutham.

In the next post, let us discuss how Thiruvaimozhi explains and expands Artha Panchakam concepts as a continuation of realizing Vishaya Vailakshanyam.

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Madhusudhanan MA

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