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Prabandha Vailakshanyam 2 - பிரபந்த வைலக்ஷண்யம்

Continuing from the last post, let us check how Sri Nampillai Lokacharyar answers the people who question Sri Aazhwar's & Prabandham's divinity.

First, Jignyasu Prsanams(questions)

1.To which category these Prabandhams belong to?
2.Why were these Prabandhams born?
3.What is the base(moolam) for this Prabandhams?
4.What is the authenticity(pramanam) of the base?
5.How the authenticity of these Prabandhams are proved? 
6.On whom these Prabandhams are rendered(pratipadyar yar)? 
7.Who are authorized to learn this Prabandhams? 
8.Who are the enjoyers when these Prabandhams are learnt or recited?
9.What is the reason behind rendering these prabandhams?

Answers given by Sri Nampillai

1.These are the Prabandhams which tells us the ultimate goal of life, and are the greatest of the lot.
2.To explain about the Bhaghavat gunams(Gunanubhavam), these were born.
3.These Prabandhams are born by the kataksham(grace) of Sriman Narayanan.
4.Authenticity can be known from their own words.
5.Proof: Embraced by Gnyanis & people who are indifferent towards worldly life.
6.These Prabandhams are about the swami of all the worlds - Sriman Narayanan.
7.People who want to renounce the world and its pleasures & attain Emperuman can learn this.
8.Mumukshu(who seeks moksham), Muktar(Jeevatmas who reached Moksham), Nityar(who are permanantly in moksham) and of course the Emperuman himelf are the enjoyers.
9.Bhagavat kainkaryam, the Goal of life is established through these Prabandhams.

Next comes the Vijikeeshu prasnams or charges of the critics on Divyaprabandhams

1.These Prabandhams were done in a lower level language ie.Tamil.
2.People who dont have the authority to learn vedas also learn these Prabandhams.
3.These Prabandhams were rendered by Aazhwar who was born in a lower caste.
4.These Prabandhams & its language are followed only in a few regions.
5.We are seeing lot of  avaidhikas embracing these Prabandhams.
6.These Prabandhams talks about Kaamam(love) in various places.
7.These Prabandhams reject the Purusharthams(goals) like Aiswaryam, kaivalyam which were accepted in vedas.

Answers given by Sri Nampillai for the critics.

1.If only the language is important then we must also follow Baahya sastrams as they are in Sanskrit. Is that possible?
2.People who don't have the authority to learn vedas also can reach the goal of their life through this. Is it a drawback?
3.Even though born in lower caste, Aazhwar had complete grace of Emperuman, which made him greater than Vidhura and Sabari(who were lower by birth but greater in gnyanam).
4.Though followed in few regions, scholars of other regions feel & long that they did not have the oppurtunity to learn this language.
5.Even the avaidhikars, who are deviod of vedanta gnyanam embrace these Prabandhams thereby showing the Prabandhams' greatness.
6.The kamam which is explained here is nothing but Bhakti towards Emperuman(kannanukke aamathu kamam), which are explanied & accepted in various parts of Vedas.
7.Considering the greatness of Emperuman, Aiswaryam and kaivalyam are very minute & unsteady(alpasthiram) so it is better to reject them.

Now, we can realize how our Poorvacharyas established the greatness of Aazhwars and DivyaPrabandams.

In the next post, we shall try to realize the Vishaya Vailakshanyam of Thiruvaimozhi.

Madhusudhanan MA

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