Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prabandha Vailakshanyam - பிரபந்த வைலக்ஷண்யம்

In the next few posts, lets try to realize the greatness of Sri Nammazhwar's(all aazhwars' as a matter) Prabandhams.

It is well known that, having been a nithya samsari for many births, Aazhwar became an aazhwar due to the vishesha Nirhethuka katakasham of Emperuman, and wanted to attain Moksham as he found every other thing is Tyajyam.

Aazhwar himself says and stresses the above in various pasurams like
"மயர்வற மதிநலம் அருளினன் - Mayarvu ara madhinalam Arulinan",
"மாறி மாறி பல பிறப்பும் பிறந்து Mari mari pala pirappum piranthu",
"இன்றென்னை பொருளாக்கி தன்னை Indru ennai Porul aakki" etc.

When we experience the prabandhams(not only thiruvaimozhi but all Divyaprabandhams for that matter), we can easily notice the perfection in the Sol, Thodai, Seer etc.

Now arises a question, how come Aazhwar has rendered perfect tamil pasurams?.

Sri Nampillai in his eedu, asks this question by himself and gives the answer also

Question(in Eedu): இந்த பிரபந்தங்களுக்கு பாட்டும், சங்க்யையும், பாட்டுக்கு நாலடியாகையும், அக்ஷரங்கள் சமமாகயும், எழுத்தசை, சீர், பந்தம், அடி, தொடை, பாவினங்கள் என்ற பிரபந்தலக்ஷணங்கள் சேர இருந்தபடி எங்கனே என்னில்?

The answer given by our Poorvacharyas are simple and strong. The answer they say is "if a Rishi like Valmiki on Brahma's(who was created by Emperuman to rule a small part of his Vibhuthis) grace could see the things as it happened and write a great kavyam like Ramayanam, why cant Aazhwar who recieved complete Kataksham(grace) from Sriman Narayanan write a wonderful Thiruvaimozhi?".  In this context, Sri Nampillai describes Brahma as "Athikaaiyil Arumaan" meaning he is like a insect that is inside a Fig fruit.

Answer( in Eedu): பகவத் ப்ரஸாதமடியாக பிறந்த இப்ப்ரபந்தங்களுக்கு இவற்றில் கூடாததில்லை.

Even after this reply, there would be people who still question the divine grace of Emperuman on Aazhwar and continue with their questions. Those people & their questions are classified into 2 groups
1.Jigyasu Prasnam(जिज्ञासु प्रश्नं) - Questions asked by a person who is desirous of knowing things.
2.vijigeeshu Prasnam(विजिगीषु प्रश्नं) - Questions asked sarcastically to defeat others in vadham.

In the next post, lets see how Sri Nampillai answers and counters the questions of both the group of people.

Madhusudhanan MA

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  1. Dear Swami,

    The difference between rishis and our azhwar is very nice, i am able to recollect few srishoothis of Azhagiya manavalaperuamal Nayanaar.

    Of course, splitting people based on their questions is as well good.

    Only our poorvargal can do such comparisons.