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வளவேழ் உலகு Summary

In this post, we shall see the summary of each pasuram in the fifth thiruvaimozhi - வளவேழ் உலகு.

1) Azwar reprimands himself for speaking about Emperuman here - அயோக்யன் என்று அகல பார்க்கிறார் .
2) Here Azwar rebukes himself for what he said in the first Pasuram i.e. he says that he is not even fit to say that he has done a great mistake in speaking about Emperuman . Just like saying ' a chandala should not recite Vedas ' is futile because a chandala never ever has an opportunity to do so , in the same way only Brahma and such devas can say that they are unfit for speaking about Sriman Narayana -  ‘அகலுவதற்கும் நான் அதிகாரி அல்லேன்’ என்றார்.

3) When Azhwar speaks thus , Emperuman showed his SAUSHEELYAM in the Thrivikrama avatara , where he places his foot upon every being . Seeing this Ahzwar becomes confused whether to go near him or move away from him - சீல  குணத்தைக் காட்டித் துவக்கத் துவக்கு உண்டார்.

4) Here Azhwar comes to a conclusion that Emperuman , the possessor of all Jivatmas would never leave them away from him , even if they try to move away ; for his SAUSHEELYAM is such a quality -  ‘அகல ஒட்டுவார்களோ உடையவர்கள்?’ என்றார்.

5) Here Azwar requests Emperuman , that he should liberally take service ( kainkaryam) from himself . But Emperuman stays quiet for a short while , and so Azhwar again pleads him for his anugraha -  ‘உடைய உன் திருவடிகளைக் கிட்டும்படி பார்த்தருளல் வேண்டும்,’ என்றார்.

6) In this Pasuram , Azhwar says to Emperuman that he is going to lose his possession  i.e, Nammalwar because he has delayed in bestowing grace upon him - அவன் அரைக்கணம் தாழ்க்க, ‘முடியப்புகுகின்றேன்’ என்றார்.

7) When Azhwar said so , The Lord came rushing towards hi m . But seeing him , Azhwar once again says that himself is very low and so tries to move away from The Lord - அவ்வளவில் இறைவன் வரக்கொள்ள, ‘அயோக்கியன்’ என்று அகன்றார்.

8) This Pasuram is in the form of an conversation between Emperuman and Azhwar .the conversation is as follows  - 
Emperuman :    Alzwar ! You try to move away from me . S be it . But answer me this question before that . Have you heard of my pastimes in Gokulam ? 
Azwar :  Pardon me . But I have not my lord . ( It is Alzwar's desire to hear about them from Emperuman itself , which made Alzwar say no ) 
Emperuman : Then listen to what I have to say . Long ago , I swallowed this earth and safeguarded it in my stomach . Then during the time of creation I brought it out of my stomach .  I was not sure whether everything my stomach was fully cleaned  and so I ate butter in Gokulam . 
Azwar : Lord ! You speak very irrelevant . You swallowed the earth long long ago and your butter tales were at another time . How can these two be related to each other ? 
Emperuman :  If it is so , then you tell me , why I ate butter in Gokulam . 
Azwar : Oh lord ! You ate butter because it was touched by your devotees . You can sustain only by those substances which are touched by the hands of your devotees .
Emperuman : If so then , you too are like butter for me and that is why I desire to attain you . If you are going to move away from me then you shall attain the state of those who deny me butter in Gokulam . 

9) In this Pasuram Azwar replies to what Emperuman said before . 
Azwar :  Emperumane ! It is true that your devotees are very dear to you like butter , but I am not one of them . So attaining me will not be like eating butter , but taking poison . So please let me move away from you . 
Emperuman : O Azhwar ! Did you say poison ? But I do like poison just as butter . You do know that I happily drank the poison offered by Putana . S I shall not rest until I attain you . 

10 ) Here , Azhwar says that Emperuman , who stopped him from moving away decide to grant him Parama Palam - தம்மை இசைவித்துப் பரமபதத்தை அலங்கரிக்கத் தொடங்கினான் என்றார்.

11) The fruit of reciting this decad is told here that one who recites this decad will never suffer the pains which Azhwar underwent trying to move away from the oncoming Emperuman - கற்றார்க்குப் பலம் சொல்லித் தலைக்கட்டினார்.

Sri Manavala Mamunigal puts the entire saram of this thiruvaimozhi in one pasuram-

        வளமிக்க மால்பெருமை மன்உயிரின் தண்மை
        உளமுற்று அங்கு ஊடுருவ ஓர்ந்து - தளர்வுற்று
        நீங்கநினை மாறனைமால் நீடுஇலகு சீலத்தால்
        பாங்குடனே சேர்த்தான் பரிந்து.

In the next post we shall see about the pravesam of 6th Thiruvaimozhi.

Manivannan S Thirukovalur

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