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பரிவதிலீசனை பாடி - அவதாரிகை

In the previous decad, we saw how emperuman, by virtue of his Sauseelya Guna, enjoys the union of those who run away from Him citing their limitations. Continuing with the trend of highlighting the auspicious attributes of the Lord, Nammazhwar highlights the Lord’s Svaradatvam (ஸ்வாராதத்வம்), i.e. easy worshippability in this decad.

The Supreme Lord is above wants of any kind (அவாப்த ஸமஸ்த காமன்) and is complete in Himself (பரிபூர்ணன்). In addition, He is the divine Consort of Sri: (ஸ்ரீய: பதி), and hence the Owner of all wealth. In such a case, Azhwar wonders how his union with the Supreme Lord would add to the latter’s glory. Nampillai reasons this by pointing out that the Lord sets a greater value upon the devotion of the heart rather than the material value of the offering:
இவன் தன் ஸ்வருப லாபத்துக்கு உறுப்பாக கிஞ்சித்கரிக்கும் இதுதான் தன்பேறாக நினைத்திருக்கும்; இதுக்கு மேற்பட தனக்கு வேறொன்றும் வேண்டா
But then, why does the Lord overlook the value of the offering? The answer to this question is in the arumpadham. It is Sri, the divine consort of the Lord, who ensures that the latter overlooks the value of the offering:
அவளோட்டை சம்பந்தம் அவளுடைய ப்ரஜைகளிடத்தில் சௌசீல்யத்துக்கு ஹேது
The beauty of surrendering unto Him is that the act of surrender does not demand any qualification from the individual and does not impose any time-bound or methodological strictures.
The minor deities are very hard to propitiate as they place harsh demands on their worshippers. On the other hand, the Supreme Lord is pleased with whatever is offered to Him lovingly, with pious will (இதர சமாஸ்ரயணம் போலே பகவத் சமாஸ்ரயணம் அருமைப்பட்டிராது).
The Lord Himself has mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita that He accepts anything that is offered in true faith and love – be it a leaf (as Draupadi offered), flower (as Gajendra offered) or a fruit (as Sabhari offered):
த்ரவ்யதாரதம்யம் பார்ப்பதில்லை; இடுகிறவன் நெஞ்சிலே ஈரமேயாயிற்றுப் பார்ப்பது
Also, the incidents of Kuchela (offering puffed rice) and Vidura (offering plantain skins) clarify that He even accepts the things that are easily procurable by the poorest of the poor, as long as the offering is not made to expiate one’s sins or towards securing other ends.
In the next post, we shall see the summary of this Thiruvaimozhi.
Mukundhan Kidambi

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