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பிறவித்துயரற - அவதாரிகை

In the previous padhigam (பரிவதிலீசனை பாடி), we saw how Azhwar glorifies the easy worshippability (svArAdatvam) of the Supreme Lord. In this padhigam, he brings out Emperuman's 'AshrayaNa bhOgyatvam' - a trait which makes our surrender unto Him not just easy but also sweet.

Nampillai begins the introduction to this padhigam with the following questions:

Is the Lord alone easily worshippable? Aren't there others who can be satisfied with whatever little offering we make and thus, be easily worshippable?

While Nampillai acknowledges that there could be others who will be content with our little offering, our surrender unto them and our adoration for them will not be equally as sweet as our surrender unto the Supreme Lord.

ஆராதனம் எளிதாயிருந்தாலும் ஆஸ்ரயணம் இனிதாயிருந்தால் அன்றோ நெஞ்சு பொருந்தும்

Nampillai goes on to add that the adoration one develops for Emperuman by virtue of surrendering unto Him is indescribable. The experience is so overwhelming that Emperuman Himself would desire to have a share of this experience.

பகவத் ஸமாச்ரயணமாகிறது இதுக்கு இட்டுப் பிறவாத ஸர்வேச்வரனும் ஆசைப்படும்படி போகரூபமாய் இருப்பதொன்றிரே

We shall see how our other preceptors have explained the same thought in their works.
In Sri Rangarajastavam Purva Satakam, Parasara Bhattar, in the context of Namperumal's archa thirumEni, says that Emperuman's divya mangala vigraha is as desirable to Himself as it is to others.

அக்ரே தார்க்ஷ்யேன பச்சாத் அஹிபதி சயநே நாத்மநா பார்ச்வ யோச் ச ஸ்ரீபூமிப்யாமத்ருப்தயா நயந சுளகநைஸ் சேவ்ய மாநாம்ருதௌகம்

Sri Vedanta Desikar goes a step further in bringing out this attribute of the Lord in his paduka sahasram slokam that begins with 'manujAtva tiroitEna'. Unlike the previous avatars of Emperuman in which He came alone, he assumed four forms when He came down as Sri Rama – as Rama Himself, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugna. The purpose behind this was to adore His own pair of sandals, which have a high reputation of their own. He did this in the form of Bharata. Had Rama come alone, he would've been deprived of this experience.

Thus, Nampillai explains to us that Emperuman's divine feet (thiruvadi niLaigaL) are an object of enjoyment for Himself. Azhwar has brought this out through தூயவமுதைப் பருகிப்பருகி and other such references in this padhigam.

In the next post we shall see the Saram of this Thiruvaimozhi.

Mukundhan Kidambi

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