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வீடுமின் முற்றவும்? முற்றவும் வீடுமின்?

In this second Thiruvaimozhi Veedumin Mutravum(வீடுமின் முற்றவும்), Sri Azhwar explains them the danger and impurities in the Samsaram and asks them to concentrate fully on Emperuman's Kalyanagunas by erasing other things of the Samsaram from their mind.

In the first pasuram, he advises us(samsaris) to detach our mind from all the worldly things and start worshipping the true Master(Vaguttha seshi). When we look at the sandhai of that pasuram, it starts like வீடுமின் முற்றவும் instead of முற்றவும் வீடுமின்(which is the general practice). In general, when we frame a sentence, we start with the noun and then the verb. Here the noun is முற்றவும் and verb is வீடுமின்.

Sri Nampillai asks this question in his Eedu and provides the answer to the question by himself. He answers the question by giving 2 examples
  • When a person is sleeping in his house with all doors shut and at that time the roof catches fire, any onlooker would first try to save the person and then try to put off the fire. He would first ask the sleeping person to come out immediately and then explain to him that his house is under fire. If he does viceversa, by the time he explains that the house is under fire and it could burn the entire house, the fire would spread and finish the other person and the house - ஒருவன் வீட்டிற்குள்ளே கிடந்து உறங்காநிற்க, நெருப்புப் பற்றிப் புறம்பே எரிந்தால், ‘வெளியே வா,’ என்று சொல்லி, பின்னர், ‘நெருப்பு’ என்பாரைப் போலே. 
  • When a kid is holding a snake(without that knowledge that the snake could attack anytime), any onlooker would first ask the kid to leave the snake and run elsewhere rather than explaining the kid about the svarupam of the Snake, like, 'Listen kid, you are holding a snake and it is dangerous and if it bites you blah blah' etc. - சிறுகுழந்தை கையிலே பாம்பைப் பிடித்துக்கொண்டு கிடந்தால், போகடச்சொல்லி, பின்னர், ‘பாம்பு’ என்பாரைப் போலே. 
It is in similar pattern, Sri Aazhwar says வீடுமின் முற்றவும் instead of முற்றவும் வீடுமின், where he advises we the samsaris, to leave the affinity towards samsaram which is poisonous like a snake and which would finish us like a fire.

Madhusudhanan MA

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