Thursday, December 13, 2012

இவையும் அவையும் உவையும் - Avatharikai

In the preceding “ஓடும் புள்ளேறி - Odum Pulleri” thiruvaimozhi, Nammazhwar enjoyed the ‘Arjava’ guNa of the supreme Lord. Azhwar’s yearning for the Supreme Lord grew manifold after enjoying His Arjava Guna at the end of the previous decad.

In this decad, we see how the Supreme Lord, the One with an eye for taste, bound by Azhwar’s devotion, locks Himself in divine union with the latter and thereby relishes/finds pleasure in latter’s company.

ஸர்வேச்வரனாய், ஸ்ரீய:பதியாய், பரமரசிகனாயிருக்கிறவன் ஆழ்வார் பக்தியிலே துவக்குண்டு இவரோடே ஏகரஸனாயிருப்பான்

Just like He created the thirst in Arjuna to see His ViswarUpa and subsequently bestowed in him the vision to see His divine form, the Supreme Lord, drawn by Azhwar’s devotion, seized the opportunity to create in Him the thirst for divine union and subsequently blessed Him with it.

அர்ஜுனன் விபூதி ச்ரவணத்தாலே விபூதிமான் ஆனவனைக் காணவேணும் என்று அபேக்ஷிக்க, அதற்கு உறுப்பாக திவ்ய சக்ஷுஸ்சை கொடுத்து வைச்வரூப்யத்தை காட்டினாற்போலே, இவர்க்கும் தன்னை அனுபவிக்கைக்கு ஈடான விடாயைப் பிறப்பித்து தன்னை அனுபவிப்பிக்கிறான்

The Lord locks Himself in divine embrace with different people differently. He mixes with the divine mothers in the capacity of a Husband; with Garuda in the capacity of the latter being His vehicle; and with Ananta in the capacity of the latter being His bed. Azhwar reckons that the Lord’s union with him displayed a mixture of all these three categories.

The Supreme Lord unfolds His glorious traits and deeds to His devotees in stages, consistent with their capacity of intake.  In the case of Azhwar, the Lord does not confer upon him all the bliss that celestials enjoy with Him in one go. On the contrary, the Lord’s advances happen in stages so that Azhwar will be able to handle it.

குளப்படியிலே கடலை மடுத்தாற்போலே அன்றிக்கே பொறுக்க பொறுக்கப் பரிமாறுவது

Just like a newborn cannot be fed with adult-scale rice in one go, the Lord’s grace too needs to be regulated in a manner that the recipient can stomach it. It is this well-regulated flow of Lord’s grace that Azhwar brings out through the Kalyana Guna ‘Satmya Bhoga Pradatvam’ in this decad.

In the next post, we will see the saaram of this Thiruvaimozhi.

Mukundhan Kidambi

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