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அஞ்சிறைய மடநாராய் - Summary

The fourth Thiruvaimozhi - Amchiraya madanaarai 

Swami Nammalvar , experienced the Paratvam , Bhajaneeyatvam and Saulabhyam of Emperuman in the last three Thiruvaimozhis respectively . In the 10th Pasuram of the 3rd decad , Nammalvar , while singing about the Trivikrama avatara said that he wished to think , praise , embrace and worship that foot which measured the whole of world . While saying so he made an embracing gesture thinking about the foot of Trivikrama . But the next second he realized that the avatara and himself were separated by a long time . Unable to bear this Parankusha loses his true self and attains that one of a Piratti , who is in separation from The Lord . He becomes Parankusha Nayaki . 

Parankusha Nayaki , goes to a seashore in order to lighten her heavy heart and there she sees many birds as well as other things . Forgetting their incapability , she sends them as messengers to her Lord , Sriman Narayana in Thirupaarkadal.

The important kalyana guna told in this decad is APARAADHA SAHATVAM , being tolerant towards our(Jivatmas') various misdeeds . 

Now let us see in brief what Parankusha Nayaki says in each pasuram . 

1) O beautiful feathered stork ! I beseech you the compassionate one , to go to my lord the Garuda Vahana as a messenger accompanied by your consort . Do not fear being held captive , for that shall never happen . Even if it does happen , will you not undergo it for my sake ? 

2) O flock of cuckoos ! Won't you all go to my lord , the one with lotus eyes and deliver this message to him ? I suppose no harm shall come upon you in doing this . Go and say to The Lord that I seek an answer to this . It is true that at first I never intended in doing kainkaryam at his feet due to the sins which I committed from time infinite . But now I wish to serve him . Do I have any chance to seek him or should I always be in separation , like now ? 

3) O elegant walking Swans ! You are all indeed blessed to be accompanied by your consorts . Kindly go to my lord , the one who very smartly acquired the three worlds by taking the form of a dwarf ; and ask him whether the unrighteous deeds that I committed will never end . Also say to him that , a girl has completely lost her mind and is fallen unconsciously . 

4) O my ! What am I going to say to my lord , the one as black as the cloud , who even knowing me in deep distress , has no compassion , and does not feel pity for me . O black colored Makanril birds ! Just say to The Lord that my life , hear after will not reside in this body . 

5) O little sparrow ! Won't you help me by delivering this message to my lord Narayana ? Ask him that whether he who is the protector of all worlds , will not protect me , a true sinner . If he does not , then the word Narayan shall not befit him .

6) O charming bee ! Please do me a favor by telling my lord , the ocean of compassion that he who has so far not pitied for me , should at least ,go along this street of mine , on his Vahana , Garuda once , before my life sheds the body . 

7) O parrot ! Aren't you been nurtured by me ? (Yes) So , go to my lord , the consort of Sri Mahalakshmi and say that a cold breeze is piercing my bones like needles and he , my lord seeing only my sins is not coming to my aid . So ask him that what have I done to hinder his compassion .

8) O little Poovai bird ! I have pleaded you to go to my lord and inform him about my Sorrowful state . But , you have not done so . Hence , my body's lost its bright color and is going to meet its end . So you better find another person who can feed you sweet food . 

9) O wandering breeze ! Please go and say this to my lord . This Jivatma is given body and organs only to do kainkaryam to The Lord . For instance , the arms and legs are given , so that we can search the best flower in the world and offer it at the feet of Emperuman . While this is the fact , why is it that I am in separation from my lord unable to serve him ? 

10) O humble Heart! It is solely Emperuman , who gives us the body , controls this samsara and grants the moksha . Having emerged from the depths of the ocean , he is lying there with the Sudarshana chakra in his hand . If you happen to meet him , please inform him my state and do not leave him until he comes to me . 

In this way , Parankusha Nayaki pleads Emperuman to come and unite with her . Having heard her cries , Emperuman thought that if this separation may extend even a bit , then he may lose Nammazlwar and so he came and showed his divine form to Azlwar . Witnessing that , Azlwar regains his self and happily sings the 11 th Pasuram which is the Phalashruti of this decad .

11) He who just recites these 10 pasurams which are about lord Krishna , who is the swami of all seven boundless worlds and who is very simple towards his devotees ; will attain the abode of Vaikunta and be engaged in the eternal servitude to Emperuman . 

Sri Mamunigal aptly puts the entire saram of this Thiruvaimozhi in one pasuram in Thiruvaimozhi Nootrandhadhi.

அஞ்சிறைய புட்கள் தமை ஆழியா னுக்குநீர்
எஞ்செயலைச் சொல்லும் என இரந்து - விஞ்ச
நலங்கியதும் மாறன் இங்கே நாயகனைத்தேடி
மலங்கியதும் பத்தி வளம். (4)

In the next post, we shall see the Svapadesam(inner meaning) of each Pasuram.

Manivannan - Thirukovalur

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