Tuesday, October 23, 2012

அஞ்சிறைய மடநாராய் ஸ்வாபதேசம்

In the last post we saw the meanings of each of the pasuram of this Thiruvaimozhi.

Now, lets check out the Svaapadesam() or the inner meaning of each of the Pasuram in this Thiruvaimozhi. It is known that Aazhwar requested various birds and other things(even Achetham like Breeze etc) to go as his messenger to Emperuman. But what really is the connection between the birds specified and our sampradayam?

Sri Nampillai answers this in is usual majestic way that by Birds Aazhwar means the Acharyan who is going to represent us to the Emperuman asking him to accept the Sishya(Us) inspite of the numerous Paapams(sins) commited by us.

So Lets check out which Quality of an Acharyan is seen in each of the Birds specified in this Thiruvaimozhi.

மடநாராய்Storksignifies that Acharyan has 2 wings - jnanam and Anustanam.
குயில்காள்Cukkoosignify that an Acharyan is always sweet and soft spoken.
அன்னங்காள்Swan signifies that an Acharyan can differentiate between Saaram and Asaram (good and Bad)
மகன்றில்காள்Makanril birds  signify that an Acharyan's beautiful thirumeni is a sight to behold.
சிறுகுருகேSparrow signifies that an Acharyan is Pure in his thoughts
வரிவண்டேBeesignifies that the beautiful Acharyan is proud of always thinking about the Feet of Emperuman
இளங்கிளியேParrotsignifies that even though an acharyan is an extremely knowledgeable person in his own respect, his words will always be that of what he heard from his acharyan (and not his own words)
சிறுபூவாய்Poovai signifies that attending to the thirumeni of one's acharyan is the foremost duty for the atma kshemam of a shishya
பனிவாடாய்Breezeindicates that only an acharyan's Sambhandam is good for a shishyas upliftment and every other relationship is counterproductive
மடநெஞ்சேHeartOur heart should seek the feet of the acharyan who is considered as the embodiment of above qualities

It is quite evident from the list above, that messengers sent by Aazhwar signifies none other than an Acharyan.

Madhusudhanan MA

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