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பொருமா நீள்படை - Summary

In the avatharikai to this thiruvaimozhi, we saw how Azhwar sings the causeless grace (nirhetuka kripa) of the Lord. Going forward, we shall experience Azhwar’s anubhavams in each of pasurams in this padhigam.

In the FIRST pasuram, Azhwar talks about how Emperuman attracted him by showing his beauty and his Sauseelya Guna, and in the process, asserted His ownership over Azhwar’s soul. Just like the Lord appeared as a mendicant in front of an unassuming Mahabali and claimed ownership to what were rightfully His possessions, Emperuman showcased His beauty to Azhwar when the latter did not have the remotest idea that the Lord will come to him.

மஹாபலி, தன்வரவை நினையாதேயிருக்க அவன்பக்கலிலே தானே இரப்பாளனாய்ச் சென்று தன்னுடைமையை தன்னதாக்கினாற் போலே, எனக்கு நினைவின்றிக்கேயிருக்கத்  தானே வந்து தன் வடிவழகை என் கண்ணுக்கு இலக்காக்கினான்

In the SECOND pasuram, Azhwar rejoices that he has nothing to worry about because when one worships Emperuman with paramabhakti like he has, the Latter reciprocates it by remaining within his line of sight. In addition, Azhwar also praises Emperuman's generosity as He makes Himself available to those who casually enumerate a number, say twenty six. (Note: The Supreme Lord is considered to be the 26th Principle).

தன்பக்கல் நிரதிசயபக்தரானவர்களுக்கும் "தான் ஒருவன் உளன்" என்று பரிகணித்தார்க்கும் அத்யந்த சுலபனாம் என்ற குணத்தாலே தாம் ஈடுபடுவர் 

Having mentally pictured Emperuman’s original form in its elements, Azhwar exhorts his mind to conduct itself according to its true nature (i.e. worship Him) in the THIRD pasuram.

"கண்டாயே அவன் ஸ்வரூபமிருந்தபடி; நீயும் உன் ஸ்வரூபத்திற்குச் சேர நிற்கப்பாராய் நெஞ்சே" என்கிறார் 

In the FOURTH pasuram, Azhwar celebrates his mind which responded to his plea for worshipping Emperuman and instructs it to continue doing so even at times when Azhwar shirks away from Emperuman, citing his ineligibility to become the object of His grace.

In the FIFTH pasuram, Azhwar points out to his mind that it got the desired fruit as it acted according to his instructions. He also appreciates the mind for not rejecting Emperuman’s advances even though it had the independence to do so.

"எண்ணிலும் வரும்" என்ற எண்தானும்  மிகையானபடி கண்டாயே! என்று அவன் படியை நெஞ்சுக்கு மூதலிக்கிறார்

In the SIXTH pasuram, Azhwar’s mind questions him whether Emperuman will let him go to which Azhwar responds that He will never desert us as long as we do not move away from Him.

In the SEVENTH pasuram, however, the feared thing unfolds (இவர் அஞ்சினபடியே விடிந்தது). Azhwar, haunted by his own ineligibility, looks to move away from Emperuman as only the elite immortals deserve to experience Him.

As Azhwar moved away from Emperuman and sat on a small wall, a laborer, carrying a heavy sack with contents, rested his sack on the wall and uttered out the name ‘Selva Narayana’. That was it! Azhwar, who until then was determined not to think about Emperuman, was engulfed in a sea of emotions. He started wondering how his mind, despite its indifference towards Emperuman, was always programmed to think about Him in this EIGHTH pasuram.

"செல்வநாரணனென்ற சொற்கேட்டலும் மல்கும் கண்பனி நாடுவன் மாயமே" என்றபடி அந்த சொல் ஆழ்வாரின் செவியல் பட, அவர் திருக்கண்களிலிருந்து நீர் பெருகி “எங்கே என் செல்வநாராயணன்?” என்று தேடும்படியான நிலைமை உண்டாயிற்று.

In the NINTH and the TENTH pasurams, Azhwar wonders what he can do to forget Emperuman, whom he envisions in the form of Thirukkurungudi Nambi. Nambi appears to be complete in all aspects. Azhwar is incapable of thinking about Him and at the same time not able to forget Him.

எம்பெருமானை நெஞ்சினால் எண்ணலாகாது, வாக்கினால் சொல்லலாகாது என்றிருந்த ஆழ்வார் இப்பொழுது எம்பெருமானை தேடி அலைய ஆரம்பித்துவிட்டார். 

In the FINAL pasuram, Azhwar explains that those who understand the inner meanings enshrined in this thiruvaimozhi will beget the benefit of performing eternal service to the Lord and His consort in Paramapadam.

Manavala Mamunigal brings out the essence of this padhigam beautifully in his thiruvaimozhi nootrandhadhi pasuram:

பொருமாழி சங்குடையோன்,பூதலத்தே வந்து,
தருமாறோ ரேதுவறத் தன்னை, - திரமாகப்
பார்த்துரைசெய் மாறன் பதம்பணிக என்சென்னி,
வாழ்த்திடுக என்னுடை வாய்.

Mukundhan Kidambi

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